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Accounting and Finance

Many organisations have taken advantage of the Mitrol environment - which includes its financial accounting and manufacturing applications, as well as its own fourth generation language. We used the MITROL language to develop the manufacturing applications, and later, in response to requests from our extensive user base developed the financial applications. The result is a family of products with a common structure, common methodology, and a language which your data processing staff can use for maintenance and for additional in-house development.

The Financial Suite, ISIS.
Mitrol's fourth generation applications environment is more than a complete line of financial accounting systems. It is a fourth generation environment in which your organisation can expand and develop. In addition to the Mitrol General Ledger, there are the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Even if it can be used as a stand-alone product, the Mitrol financial suite, ISIS, can be integrated to the manufacturing system.

General Ledger.
The Mitrol General Ledger system is the only realtime system available today that provides true multi-dimensional information storage and retrieval. Unlike traditional systems, it allows you to specify exactly how much information you want to store about a transaction, what size accounting key you want to use, and retrieve it in virtually any format you need.

The General Ledger system provides:

  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • General accounting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Completely flexible accounting key
  • Allocations
  • Foreign currency translations and reporting
  • Multi-company processing
  • Multi-user processing

Accounts Payable.
The Accounts Payable system manages your cash flow by keeping you up-to-date about suppliers, outstanding debts, payments made, goods received, invoices, and other information. The Accounts Payable system provides:

  • Complete vendor information and analyses.
  • Intercompany accounting controls.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting and online query retrieval.
  • Multi-company processing independence.
  • Multi-currency processing and reporting.
  • Automatic integration with the Mitrol General Ledger.
  • Exception processing and control.
  • Multi-user flexibility.

Accounts Receivable.
The realtime Accounts Receivable system puts information about your outstanding receivables, payments, ledger balances, credit history and customer payment history at your fingertips. You benefit from:

  • Realtime credit checking across companies.
  • Integration with the Mitrol Sales Order Processing System.
  • Multi-company processing independence.
  • Multi-company processing and reporting.
  • Intercompany accounting and reporting.
  • Automatic integration with the Mitrol General Ledger.
  • Exception processing and control.
  • Interest invoicing.
  • Multi-user flexibility.

Integration with the Manufacturing System.
The Mitrol financial suite is fully integrated to the manufacturing system through the Sales Order Management Subsystem, which provides financial accounting information and sales statistics for order processing in a manufacturing or distribution facility.

Order information is maintained and calculated, including replacements, prices, stock balances and accounting. Backorders, returns, scrap and other exception situations can be handled easily.

The primary system functions are:

  • Order management
  • Stock management
  • Customer correspondence and returns
  • Integration with Mitrol Accounts Receivable
  • Invoicing
  • Forwarding of goods
  • Database maintenance
  • Handling of letters and credit/licenses
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

Accounting system

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