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Aerospace and Defense

Mitrol Aerospace Defense satisfies the unique manufacturing planning and control requirements of companies operating in the aerospace, defense and government contracting industries. The system's capabilities are also useful in companies producing highly-engineered, customer unique products.The primary functions of the Mitrol Aerospace Defense System are:

Program Requirements Pegging identifies the program source for all component part requirements at all levels within the Materials Requirements Planning explosion. Operationally, this can include requirements netting by program. Manufacturing planners observe the full effect that scheduling actions will have on various in-process programs. As a result, work orders or purchase orders can be generated and assigned to particular programs.

Product Structure Serial Effectivity allows engineering changes to bills of material and manufacturing routings to be effective by system serial number. Separate bills of material can also be maintained paralleling the stages of system development and production.The product structure is established in an "as designed" form. The "as designed" bill supports the proposal and estimating process when submitting a bid in response to Request for Proposal as well as the engineering stage of the manufacturing process. The product structure then proceeds through the manufacturing "as planned" stage.

Bill of Materials Reference Designator attaches a topological or geographic reference to the part or bill for the physical location of components in systems and primary assemblies.

Configuration Management controls and documents the "as built" system configuration -i.e., incorporated engineering changes, work orders associated with the system and substitute or alternate component parts used. Comparison reporting of the "as built" system configuration against the "as designed" or "as planned" configurations provides an audit trail of revision changes and component part substitutions. These reports also help to verify correct and complete compliance with contractual requirements.

Multi-Location Inventory Management by Program segregates purchased or manufactured material in inventory by program while allowing issues from common, or co-mingled, stock. Work orders and purchase orders can also be controlled by program, or can be co-mingled within pre-established share-groups. The system supports spare parts provisioning by program, and separation of spares and production inventories.

Lot Traceability provides the capability to trace usage of material within systems and major assemblies by lot or serial number. This capability allows for the controlled introduction of component upgrades for performance appraisal purposes as well as to identify anticipated service problems on like assemblies when major failures occur.

Program Cost Accumulation tracks actual shop floor and procurements costs by work order and program. Therefore, Mitrol Aerospace Defense retains the fundamental planning and control elements embodied in Mitrol Aerospace Defense while providing the additional controls required in government contracting environment.


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