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A wide range of application modules are available covering MRP II, manufacturing, accounting and aerospace functions. These 18 application modules are supplied in source form written in the Mitrol language and may be used as is for a fastimplementation or customised to local requirements.

To learn more about the major Mitrol applications, you can choose by clicking Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense or Accounting and Finance.

You can view the individual subsystems directly by clicking on them in the diagram. The modules for each major application are highlighted by color codes.

You are invited to join us on a guided tour through the subsystems by clicking on of the colored squares below.

Go to Part ControlThe Material Management System is a starter pack for all manufacturing industries and consists of the 9 modules:

Go to routing control For a full MRP implementation, the 4 additional modules of the Shop Floor Control System are required:

Go to Sales Order Management Subsystem Interaction with the financial system through the Sales Order Management System completes the 3 subsystems of the Manufacturing Suite:

Go to Aerospace Defense ExtensionThe Aerospace Defense industries have special needs such as configuration management, lot traceability and serial effectivity. These are fully in the Aerospace and Defense Extension, when used in conjunction with the Manufacturing Suite:

Go to Account Payable The Financial Suite, ISIS, consists of:

It provides support for multi-company, multi-currency financial control. The Financial Suite may be used independentely of the Manufacturing modules, and may be amended or extended as served (using the Mitrol 4GL language).

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