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Mitrol Data Base Management Systems.

The Mitrol System includes an integrated network-model database management system (DBMS) with relational capabilities, extended to handle " tree " structures, such as bills of material or organisation charts.

The Mitrol DBMS offers outstanding flexibility to model the complex data interrelationship typical of modern business applications.

The DBMS has been optimized for efficient data access in production operations. Standard data relationships can be predefined allowing the DBMS to verify structural consistency and follow complex paths through the network to naturally consolidate and integrate diverse elements.

In addition to data access through predefined paths, the Mitrol DBMS and language offer extensions to support relational data access. Because data elements can be associated dynamically, even when a relationship has no been predefined, the Mitrol DBMS can satisfy spur-of-the-moment inquiries and special application requirements. The Mitrol DBMS goes beyond relational by encouraging updating through joined views of data. Full referential integrity, dynamic transaction backout, after image logging and recovery all ensure that your company data is secure and available.

This innovative combination of network and relational database technologies offers efficiency for production and flexibility during development.

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