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Developed at M.I.T.
Mitrol was originally developed in the 1970's by a group of software visionaries from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their goal was to design a state-of-the-art management system with tools that allowed the user to easily develop, maintain and customize business applications. The developers utilized the fourth generation language concept in creating the system in order to take advantage of its powerful productivity capabilities. Originally developed for the user side of large manufacturing companies, Mitrol included unique functionality to aid in the planning and modeling of complex data structures.

Acquisition by General Electric
In 1980, General Electric acquired Mitrol and for the next five years thereafter invested over $40 million developing it into a fully functional database management system. Mitrol became a comprehensive, highly advanced software solution for both DP/MIS and the end-users. In 1984, General Electric decided to discontinue its activities in this software business and transferred Mitrol to Teamco, which has since continued to invest millions of dollars in the ongoing development and adaptation of the system.

Evolution of the System
The Mitrol system and development tools were first used in the 1980's by Fortune 500 companies to build extremely flexible and powerful in-house applications. Later Teamco decided to utilize its know-how and the experience of its large industrial customers with Mitrol to develop highly sophisticated manufacturing, financial and Internet applications, written entirely in the Mitrol language. The target market for these newer applications are smaller and medium-sized companies, as well as Mitrol's original base of larger industrial companies. Although these newer applications for smaller companies will be turnkey packages, they will be extremely flexible and will be easily to adapt and customize (a significant capability in times of constantly changing conditions).

Using Teamco's flagship product, MITROL, and Application Products written in MITROL, our clients benefit from:

  • a semantic schema wherein the company's policies and procedures can be modeled and enforced
  • completely customizable Material Requirements Planning by program, division, or customer
  • real time access to all levels of a bill of materials or an accounting structure
  • an Application Development tool that responds to the changing needs of a company quickly and accurately
  • a non-procedural data manipulation language combined with a semantic schema giving brief and powerful code
  • writing brief but powerful code using the in-built functions of the languages
  • product bill of material maintenance with low level code checking is built into the Mitrol language

The aim was to develop an easily customized application development tool. Today, Teamco offers not only the development tool, Mitrol, but also highly sophisticated manufacturing and financial applications written entirely in the Mitrol language. Many of our clients have been using Mitrol for more than 10 years (some of them for even more than 15 years) and continue to expand and change their systems.

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