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Inventory control subsystem

The Right Part at the Right Time

Accurate records of parts on-hand and material flow through the stockroom.
The MFG Inventory Control subsystem is designed to track and control available inventories, and to make sure that material is used only with the proper authorization. It provides facilities for tracking material flow in and out of stock; between storage locations and to and from customers. It also logs vendor receipts and production completions. It can track multiple stocking locations, and manage inventory availability, using ABC analysis to determine levels of control for a part; check inventory levels; and assign material for reworking. And its flexible reporting and query capabilities let you swiftly and simply check the current status of any part.

Accurate inventory records are crucial to the success of the planning effort.

The central objective of a manufacturing system is to support the factory's ability to produce a finished product by ensuring the availability of the right material in the right quantity at the right time. To ensure the timely availability of the right material, the Inventory Control subsystem manages the tracking and control of available inventories. Based on information supplied by subsystems such as Inventory Control, the Material Requirements Planning subsystem triggers actions that help ensure material availability. Since accurate inventory records are crucial to the success of the planning effort, two primary concerns of the Inventory Control subsystem are:

  • Maintaining accurate inventory records, and
  • Ensuring that material is used only with proper authorization.

The subsystem maintains a comprehensive audit file. It automatically records date of transaction, part number, change in on-hand, and rework quantities as well as identification of persons concerned with material flow and its documentation.

Tracking material flow.
Virtually every part or material used in manufacturing a product enters into a stockroom or other storage area at some point. The Inventory Control subsystem helps the inventory control group within a manufacturing organization track the flow of material into and out of stock, by recording:

  • Transfers of material from one stockroom to another
  • Material moves between stock locations in one stockroom, and
  • Customer shipments and returns
  • Manufacturing production completions
  • Vendor receipts accepted by the receiving inspector.

Tracking multiple stocking locations.
The Inventory Control subsystem supports multiple location inventory tracking in a single-plant manufacturing operation. You may designate multiple stocking locations for a part within one stockroom or across several stockrooms in the plant. The Inventory Control subsystem will satisfy the inventory tracking requirements of many multiple plant environments.

Managing inventory availability.
In addition to tracking material, the Inventory Control subsystem allows you to manage material availability by allowing you to:

  • Use ABC analysis to determine the level of control for a part
  • Place material rejected by receiving or production inspection, but which can be reworked, into the to-rework category
  • Cycle count inventory
  • Perform physical inventory.

Flexible reporting and query capability.
The Inventory Control subsystem allows you to check on the current status of any part by generating hardcopy report or displaying user-specified queries on your terminal. For example, you may obtain:

  • Inventory control data
  • Basic data for stocking locations
  • An audit of inventory transactions processed by location or part
  • The current on-hand and on-order balances for specified parts.

Tracking material flow.
Inventory Control automatically records details of all transactions that move material into or out of a stockroom or from location within a stockroom in an audit file. You may also track material flow by assigning lot traceability to a part, and by tracking inventory by program.

Tracking multiple stocking locations.
In addition to allowing you to designate multiple stocking locations for a part, the system allows you to further track inventory storage locations, primarily for free location identification validation, and cycle counting.

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