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requirements planning subsystem

Commitment for Schedule and Money

Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use MRP capabilities to plan and control material flow.
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is widely recognized as one of the most valuable materials management tools a manufacturer can have. The MFG Material Requirements Planning subsystem translates your management, marketing, and productions planning goals into detailed and coordinated schedules for purchasing and production. It takes into account of a host factors such as lead times, policies, shop calendar, and planned engineering changes, and rapidly generates a complete MRP report for your entire product line.

This application has been designed to coordinate activities of all subsystems to meet production goals. It will automatically manage special part calculations, open and blanket orders, and design changes. It has facilities for manual overrides, open order rescheduling, and firm planned orders. And it offers flexible reporting facilities allowing variable reporting periods, level-by-level pegging, and 'action-only' reporting.

Material Requirements Planning gives you the orderly, integrated materials management you need.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is widely recognized as one of the most valuable materials management tools a manufacturer can have. The unanswered question is: Which computer-based system will deliver effective MRP to your manufacturing operations ? MFG' s Material Requirements Planning subsystem, in conjunction with its companion subsystems, can deliver the orderly, integrated control you need. Equally important, its inherent speed, ease of operation, and concise reporting capabilities will enable you to use it efficiently and effectively. With the MFG unique development language and database architecture, the MRP Subsystem gives you a powerful capability for handling the enormous inputs and computations. MRP translates management, marketing, and production planning goals into detailed and coordinated schedules for Purchasing and Production. It will handle your product line and rapidly generate a complete MRP report. It will also schedule planned orders to satisfy net requirements, taking into account lead times, your shop calendar, shrinkage factors, order policies, and pending engineering changes.

MRP report features.
In generating the Material Requirement Plan report, you have the ability to:

  • Print a net-change report
  • Set an MRP-EXPLODE flag to either suppress or allow the explosion for a part
  • Exclude certain types of parts from MRP processing
  • Compensate for shrinkage, and
  • Generate material requisitions.

To solve a potential part requirement problem highlighted by the MRP run, a system-generated pegging report is offered. It identifies the source of the part's requirement from its own master schedule or dependent demand from other planned orders, work orders, or firm planned orders. Knowing the source, the planner is able to readily decide the best action.

Rescheduling open orders.
Each time a Material Requirement plan is run, the system checks whether orders should be rescheduled to an earlier (or later) period... determines the proper new period... and prints a message specifying the appropriate moves. MRP does not actually move the orders, but pinpoints the need and leaves the decision to the planner's judgment and experience. Similarly, MRP won't arbitrarily generate planned orders to satisfy parts requirements which can be more practically answered by rescheduling. MRP manages all the pertinent information for you, but leaves final control where it belongs - in your hands.

Overriding the MRP.
Occasionally, MRP logic will indicate that a requirement can't be met when, in fact, expediting an order or reducing a lot size may resolve the problem. The firm planned order facility allows the planner to override the MRP suggestion in such cases.

Tailoring the system to your preferences.
MFG Material Requirements Planning subsystem is easily modified to match your needs. The MRP Report can display information customized to your needs. Further, you control the scope of the MRP. You can include all parts or omit those which do not need exact-quantity planning. And you choose the planning horizon most appropriate to your operation.

Diagram Material Requirements Planning

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