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Today's challenge in Manufacturing :

  • Remain competitive in the marketplace
  • Meet the demand for quality products
  • Produce fast and efficiently
  • Respond to shorter product life cycles

MFG : Manufacturing solutions for manufacturing results.

The whole idea behind manufacturing information systems is to make information work for you.

Presenting MFG - the Mitrol solution for manufacturing: a system that gives the manufacturing manager the information he needs to run his plant more effectively than ever. Not only highly functional, MFG is flexible and allows for tailor-made solutions for the planning and the management of every activity in the manufacturing process. With MFG, Teamco additionally provides a combination of industry expertise, consulting and implementation services, and is committed to achieving the desired results.

The Mitrol solution for manufacturing brings together the best of two worlds. You have the fast start-up of a package together with the flexibility of customized approach. MFG is a complete solution for the planning and control of every activity in manufacturing process. In addition, it can be connected to financial applications to create a very powerful integrated system.

Best of all, since you can have your MFG system installed and running quickly, it can serve as flexible application in the short term, while continuing to be expanded for a wide variety of future information needs.

Most manufacturing information systems are developed for companies that make products with complex structures in large lots in a "make to stock" environment. They do a good job for these types of companies. So does MFG. But MFG does more. It works where other systems fail. It passes boundaries where others reach their ultimate possibilities.

Assembled out of subsystems, MFG can be the results-oriented information system for companies that need more than just a manufacturing package. Companies that need solutions which can cope with special problems and meet future changes.

The MFG subsystems are grouped in the following major systems :

  • Material Management:
    Bill of Material Control, Part Control,
    Inventory Control, Master Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning,
    Product Costing, Production Control,
    Purchasing Control, Shop Calendar
  • Shop Floor Control:
    Routing Control, Work Center Control,
    Capacity Requirement Planning,
    Production Activity Control
  • Sales Order Management

Together, the Mitrol MFG systems provide a highly integrated closed-loop manufacturing system.


The MFG system adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

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