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Routing control subsystem

Your Know-How on Process

Detailed routing control for more efficient production management.
The MFG Routing Control subsystem lets you develop routings that accurately reflect the way materials move through your plant. Amongst other features, the system helps you define the production steps needed to make each part; it balances loads, breaks production bottlenecks, and compresses work order lead time; it supports alternate routings; and it can handle alternate, overlapping, switchable, or outside operations. and changing routings easily done, so your business stays efficient as it evolves.

Routing control helps you manage the detail required for realistic production plans. It has the flexibility you need to build and maintain your productivity.

Accurate modeling for increaser productivity.
To boost productivity, you need production plans that use your capacity wisely. You need workable plans...plans that mirror your plant's operation. The Routing Control subsystem can assist you in planning efficient production schedules by helping you to define the capacity resource required to produce each of your products. The subsystem can assist you in developing accurate routings that reflect the way material really moves through your plant. By accurately modeling your shop processes, you can create trulyeffective production plans.

Smoother operations.

  • Definitions of standard routings using a single transaction.
  • Unlimited text to describe an operation
  • Easy duplication of routings from one part to another.
  • Ability to tie a bill of material item to a specific routing step for better planning.
  • Options which allow for multiple manufacturing approaches, including overlapped operations, alternate operations and routings, switchable operations, and outside operations.

Capacity management.

  • Capacity for detailed definition of manufacturing lead time.
  • Ability to calculate manufacturing lead time roll-ups.
  • Techniques for pre-planned lead-time compression.

Control over routing changes.

  • Use of engineering change order to accomplish routing changes
  • Easy tracking of routing changes according to part status and revision level.

Create, Modify, and document routing.
The Routing Control subsystem defines the production steps necessary to make each part. It permits you to create or change routings easily by copying existing routings from one part to another. A few simple transactions allow you to add or delete operations. In addition, the subsystem can help assure that a current routing will be used. The Routing Change Control Facility documents routings of parts released to production. The subsystem keeps track of past, current, and future routings with their effective first and last dates. The subsystem can also store special descriptions for operations on a component part.

Primary and alternate processes for scheduling.
You may have several possible ways to manufacture some parts. Each of those different processes may be an important alternative when critical work centers have excess capacity. The Routing Control subsystem supports alternate routing to enhance your planning flexibility. With the Routing Control subsystem, you can override the primary routing usually assigned to a part and use an alternate to achieve your production plan. In addition, you can define alternate work centers to balance capacity loads and break production bottleneck.

Manufacturing lead times for efficient production.
The Routing Control subsystem defines detailed resource requirements for each part. In addition, it supplies information on lead time for each part to the other MFG application systems. The Routing Control subsystem supports four different time elements for each step in a part routing:

  • Queue time
  • Setup time
  • Run time
  • Move time.

With this detailed information, the subsystem can generate an accurate total manufacturing lead time to be used for more precise MRP. It can also calculate an offset time to be used for more precise material planning.

Production control that builds productibity.
Productivity gains from computerized planning of your shop floor depend heavily on the detail and accuracy with which they describe your operation.

The Routine Control subsystem improves productivity by helping you to:

  • Describe your operation more accurately, since it supports a variety of routings with convenient transactions;
  • Plan more efficient schedules with alternate work centers;
  • Change routings with ease and flexibility, so your business stays efficient as it evolves;
  • Manage those changes.

The Routing Control subsystem helps you manage the detail required for realistic production plans. The subsystem has the flexibility you need to build and maintain your productivity.

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