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Sales order management subsystem

Customer Service....Your Competitive Edge

Improved customer service for increased sales and profits.
The MFG Sales Orders Management subsystem is designed to meet all your customer service needs - with faster and more accurate price quotations and more timely delivery - to gain that competitive edge. It provides complete sales order tracking from quotes through order entry, release, shipments, and closing. It keeps track of split shipments, back orders and blanket orders and it can alert you to possible credit problems. You can instantly check stock availability, order backlogs and current prices. Problem areas such as returns, exchanged, and reopened sales orders are efficiently acknowledged, helping you to solve potential customer problems promptly.

But most important, it stores sales history records, including shipping performance, giving you the information you need to improve service and respond to your customer's needs.

Most manufacturing information system do a good job for the MRP II types of companies. So does MFG. But MFG does more. It works where other systems fail. It passes boundaries where others reach their ultimate possibilities.

Responsive Sales Order Management for Customer Satisfaction.
Some manufacturers are satisfied with the reductions in inventory and increased productivity which computerized information systems can help provide. Other manufacturers realize that the right systems helping them to serve customers better can be a competitive edge. As a result, they can increase sales and profits. The MFG Sales Order Management subsystem can help you provide your customers with faster and more accurate price quotations and more timely delivery to gain that competitive edge.

Coordinate the sales order process for effective customer service.
When an order arrives by phone or mail, the first step is to identify the customer and products. The Sales Order Management subsystem provides a special listing feature to help your clerks quickly identify customers, even if the whole customer name and code are not readily available. The subsystem can validate part numbers for existing products and create new part numbers for special orders. The Sales Order Management subsystem can even manage blanket orders, summarizing the quantity-to-date and value-to-date as well as warning you when blanket order expire.

The Sales Order Management subsystem has "processing policy" fields which can identify potential credit problems with customers who may have exceeded their credit limits. Additional fields can keep track of split shipment or tax information. With the Sales Order Management subsystem, you can instantly check the availability of products and commit available stock or mortgage the earliest planned production from the Master Schedule. The Sales Order Management subsystem will implement price changes automatically. The subsystem will produce your order acknowledgments and report your order backlog.

When stock is available, the Sales Order Management subsystem will allocate it to the earliest planned ship date. If your customer has requested partial shipment to multiple locations, it will manage these assignments. You can create your pick-list and packing-list with a few simple commands.

Meanwhile, the Sales Order Management subsystem will control changes to the sales order records to avoid confusion while the order is being prepared for shipment. The subsystem even has a quot;remarks" facility to store and print special remarks or reminders for your customers or for internal use only.

Monitor your service for improved performance.
Customer satisfaction can be your competitive edge, but customers can be difficult to satisfy in today's turbulent business environment. You need tools to help you solve potential customer problems quickly and efficiently.

The Sales Order Management subsystem can help. You can acknowledge returns promptly, re-open sales orders, and manage exchanges with standard transactions provided by the system. MFG logic is used to keep your inventory records accurate for MRP runs and management reporting. The subsystem can close and purge orders automatically or by exception, and will provide a warning before closing an order that hasn't been fully shipped. If you choose to undership, the Sales Order Management subsystem will cancel any unused production allocation.

But most important, the Sales Order Management subsystem gives you the management information you need to control your service performance. It stores multiple sales history records, such as a record of a customer's most recent order or the total purchase of all products by a customer year-to-date. The subsystem will also keep track of your shipping performance, reporting whether you have been shipping on time, late, or early.

Efficient service for customer satisfaction and greater profits.
MFG Sales Order Management can help control your sales order operation from order entry through product shipment and return. in addition, the subsystem provides you with sales history information by customer and product, as well as shipping performance reports. This management information can help you respond effectively to customer needs. A smoothly run customer service operation can help generate repeat business and a growing customer base for increased profits.

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